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One day, when Morad* was sharing his faith with a new believer, a van pulled up and four men got out.

“They blindfolded me and pushed me into the van,” Morad says.

As for the new believer Morad was witnessing to?

“He might have fled in time, but he might just as well be the one who set up the trap for the secret police,” says Morad.

For over 60 years, Open Doors has worked in the world's most oppressive countries, empowering Christians who are persecuted for their beliefs. Open Doors equips persecuted Christians in more than 60 countries through programs like Bible & Gospel Development, Women & Children Advancement and Christian Community Restoration.


In the country where Morad lives, Christians are considered second-class citizens. They are restricted from speaking or teaching about Christ. Publishing a Bible in the native language is illegal. And actively ministering to someone who comes from a Muslim background is a punishable offense.

Any believer caught violating the law can be thrown in jail where they will likely suffer under brutal conditions.

After he was thrown into the back of the van, Morad was taken to a strange prison in a strange city. No one knew where he was or why he never returned home. He was locked in solitary confinement, and then he was left completely alone.

Their only crime is following Jesus

This is the challenge

In many countries in the Middle East, many believers can’t worship in the open. Anyone converting to Christianity from a Muslim background can be imprisoned or put to death. The secret police are everywhere, and men and women can be thrown in prison at any time.

Will you allow God to use you to provide Bibles, Christian literature, trauma counseling, emergency relief and more to believers in the Middle East and around the world who are suffering for their faith?

Here's what your immediate gift will provide

When you give today, your gift will support persecuted brothers and sisters throughout the Middle East and around the world through:

Bible & Literature Distribution

Biblical Training

Trauma Counseling

Will you follow God’s leading to help support persecuted Christians in the Middle East and around the world?

Though they live in one of the most hostile places in the world toward Christians, believers in the Middle East, like in other regions of the world, are willing to risk everything to share their love of Christ.

Please give as generously as you can now. This is your opportunity to distribute God’s life-giving Word, as well as provide emergency relief, trauma counseling and more to this region and others around the world. Your support will help deliver the gospel to reach oppressed people and bring more hearts to Christ, even in the face of the worst persecution imaginable.


As the Church grows, so does persecution

In prison, Morad faced daily interrogations, ridicule and physical abuse. He was often denied use of the bathroom, adding to his misery and humiliation.

Persecution of Christians in places like the Middle East—where Morad is from—has not captured the world’s attention as much as other news stories about the area.

Though the majority of the region is Muslim, the Christian Church is active and growing. But harassment and oppression of Christians is growing as well.


*Representative images and names used to protect identity.

Struggling to find God

During his time in prison, Morad not only struggled with his interrogators, he also struggled with God.

“I felt He was silent during the interrogations,” Morad says. “I thought, Why isn’t He preventing this from happening?”

Throughout parts of the Middle East and around the world, followers of Jesus need to know they aren't alone—they need God's Word and the support of their global family, to help them stand strong in prison and amid the daily trials they face.

That’s why your generous gift to support brothers and sisters in the Middle East and other regions around the world is needed right now. Your gift will help distribute Bibles and other Christian literature; provide trauma counseling, safe houses and emergency relief; train believers to stand strong in the faith and more.

Looking back on his experience, Morad reflects, "I don't know why all of this happened to me. I have no easy explanation. All I know is what He asks of me now: to follow Him and live out the gospel. And that's what I'm doing."

Life for Christians on the ground in places like the Middle East

Safe Houses

Life for Christians on the ground in the Middle East