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Maizah* will never forget the night she was crying in her room when she felt someone touch her feet. She looked up and saw a man shining like light, and felt happiness in His presence.

“I am the Way, the Truth and the Life,” the man said. Then He was gone.

Two weeks later, civil war erupted in Libya, Maizah’s home country. When bombs started falling close to home, Maizah and her family fled to Egypt.

It was there that Maizah first met a Christian woman. After telling her about the man in her bedroom, the woman showed Maizah a Bible, and Jesus’ words in the Book of John:

“I am the Way and the Truth and the Life.”

“I am the Way, the Truth and the Life”

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Persecuted Christians like Maizah are suffering immensely for their faith all over the world. And they are crying out for God’s Word. But many are coming to know the truth of Jesus through other courageous believers, like the Egyptian Christian who shared the Bible with Maizah.

Today, we believe God is calling us to provide believers with much-needed Bibles—along with the training to read Scripture, preach from it and tell others about Jesus!

Your response is critical to help meet the massive demand. Thankfully, God has provided a massive opportunity …

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People are hearing the message of hope and desiring to know more about the God who loves and cares for them in the midst of their suffering.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to reach persecuted Christians with Bibles and discipleship resources. We must equip our hurting brothers and sisters with God’s Word to give them courage and strength when they need them the most.

Reaching into the hardest places

DOUBLE your impact to reach persecuted believers with God's Word

DOUBLE your impact to reach suffering believers with God's Word


"Your name is on a list of people who should be killed"

With the help of her Egyptian friend, Maizah connected with other Egyptian Christians living in Libya.

Then her friends were arrested, and word got back to Maizah that her name was known to local authorities. She was told, “The police are searching for you.”

Once again, Maizah fled to Egypt. Eventually, she got in contact with her family, who urged her to return home. But that night as Maizah stepped into her living room, she was immediately surrounded by strange men with long beards.

“All of them stood up and grabbed me. One of them hit me with his fist in my face … They kept on hitting me,” says Maizah. They also examined her to see if she was still a virgin, but Maizah had lost all energy by then. Finally, she was forced to sit on the couch while the men shouted verses from the Quran at her.

The leader of the group told Maizah, “Your name is on a list of people who should be killed.”

Miraculously, Maizah managed to escape. She found refuge in a safe house for girls and women and eventually fled the country, but she still lives in fear that someone will find her and come after her.

Longing for the truth

Around the world, people living in Muslim-majority areas and other countries are encountering Jesus—and giving their hearts to Christ. But many lack access to God’s Word to strengthen their faith.

Maizah was amazed to read the very words spoken to her by the “man shining like light,” and was thankful when her Egyptian friend showed her who Jesus is in the pages of the Bible. 

But attending a church is nearly impossible for Libyans. There, most Christians must worship in secret. So Maizah relied on her Bible for encouragement and strength throughout her ordeal:

“It was Jesus who talked to me all the time through reading the Bible,” Maizah shares.

Open Doors is a name you can trust

For over 60 years, Open Doors has served the persecuted Church with absolute financial integrity. Providing emergency resources and long-term support to help our suffering brothers and sisters stand strong in their faith and empower them to advance the gospel in the midst of their trials and tribulations.

We believe your generosity is a sacred trust. And we’re dedicated to being faithful stewards while providing on-the-ground support to persecuted Christians in some of the most difficult areas of the world to believe in Jesus.

Serving and strengthening persecuted Christians worldwide is the legacy of Open Doors—motivating, mobilizing and educating the Body of Christ in the West to reach out to our suffering brothers and sisters.

Rick Warren
New York Times best-selling author / Author of The Purpose Driven Life

Open Doors is a splendid organization that has provided unselfish leadership in ministry to those around the world who suffer for their faith in Jesus Christ.

Charles R. Swindoll
Pastor and author

I have deep appreciation for Open Doors, and all the ways they are coming alongside the Church in some of the darkest places in the world.

Dr. David Platt
New York Times Best-Selling author / Founder and President of Radical

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